• Tammy Ward

Aren’t 1st Graders Smart! (excuse grammar) 😃

What happened to those cute little babies? I spent my first morning reading to my granddaughter‘s first grade class. Was I surprised!! I read my story and I put my little a bit emphasis in to make it fun for them. Papa fought hard and the bear attacked! The kids all got excited. Then came the question time. Oh Boy! The first question was pretty normal. How did you make the book? Did you color it? Then came the big surprise. One little girl asked “Is your book nonfiction or fiction?” Well now that made the teacher in the back of the room sit up and take notice. She looked at me and I looked at her. We both smile. I informed the little girl it was based on my grand daughter. The littled girl replied “You mean it’s both” I smiled and said “yes“.

Well now ! Aren’t 1st graders smart! 😂😂

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