• Tammy Ward

Ready for the next surge!! You can’t just wait around for the next big thing. It takes perseverance

This summer has given me time to prepare and write. I’ve started finishing up writing my new book and having it edited. I had to attend a couple book signings and had an opportunity to meet new authors. The authors were so helpful and friendly. They were no children authors But still so much fun. This next month I’m meeting a few children and youth authors In West Dunde, IL. Excited and Expecting!

I did have some bad news on my distribution it caused a bookstore to cancel. That’s when I had to move forward with the new book. Just because one area stalls don’t stop. I had an opportunity to donate some books to a hospital but it fell through. I would like people to keep their word. Now things are getting ready to Surge into the fall. Excitement is building. I’ll keep you posted What’s new. Be Blessed!

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