• Tammy Ward

Time is essential! Time can be stolen just like any other item. It is important to plan time.

it’s the beginning of the year 2020. Its important to plan time for your business and your personal Life. I start my year praying for a vision plan. I pray about the business and decisions I have to make concerning it. Also personal vision for myself and family. These are the steps I try to stick too.

1- spend time with God In prayer. Pray! Pray! Pray!

2- write down your plan(goals) for the year. 3- date your plan the day you write it down.

4-place your plans in front of God and pray about it. 5- seek wise counsel if need be.

6- put the plan into action and look at it every 3 months . Are you on track? Do you need to make smaller steps for it? Has God taken you in another direction? Have you spent time on something that doesn’t go with the plan? Are you seeing the Vision To start to develop?

6- right the answers down to these questions. 7- adjust your plans we’re you can and adjust your time. Then do step one, two, and three again. Do I get it right every time? No but God uses our mistakes and we learn from them. If you don’t plan your time it is stolen and remember to plan time for family and friends. Blessings For 2020!

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