• Tammy Ward

Writing is Healing!

Writing I find is very therapeutic! I would never have thought to write if my husband hadn’t wrote his first book. I started to write the second book which was mostly my life with him. I found it was very painful considering my oldest son was born a premie at 28 weeks gestation. I started crying through the writing and stopped writing. I walked away from it and then that is when I heard the Lord say they have to know what you went thru to understand we’re you are at now. So I finished the writing and healed in the proces. I didn’t realize healing was what was happening till my sister asked me about the time I was crying through my writing. She said it was healing me. I didn’t cry anymore when I read or thought about my son. Right after that I was given the dream of writing children’s books. I love doing them! Who would of thought I would write. When I visit children in schools I encourage them to write. Each one of them has a story. It starts with a notebook or journal. I would give the same advice to anyone reading this. It doesn’t have to turn into a book but a start of a journey. Who knows it may be history for your family. Blessings!

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